Rutile, v. Struverite-Ilmenorutile
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Rutile, v. Struverite-Ilmenorutile

Specimen # 101426
Mineral: Rutile, v. Struverite-Ilmenorutile
Location: Rutile, var. Struverite-Ilmenorutile, Santa Rosa Mine, Itambacuri, Doce Valley, Minas Gerais, Brazil


Detailed Description

This sharp, lustrous crystal of struverite-ilmenorutile is shows beautiful contact twinning. In excellent condition, minor edge wear. Stands perfectly for display as photographed. A great specimen of this variety of rutile.

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About These Specimens of Rutile, var. Struverite-Ilmenorutile

These specimens of rutile, var. struverite-ilmenorutile, are from a 2015 pocket at the Santa Rosa Mine. They are exceptionally fine for this variety of rutile. These crystals have only had basic work done (Raman) to confirm that they are rutile, and further analytic work is required to determine the ratios of Ta:Nb. However, as became clear at the end of 2010 in respect of another small find of rutile var. struverite-ilmenorutile in this same region, even within a single crystal it is quite possible to have both struverite and ilmenorutile. 

Additional information

Dimensions 38 × 30 × 16 cm