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Specimen # 102607
Mineral: Thomsonite
Location: Cap D'Or, Cumberland Co., Nova Scotia, Canada
Size: 4.2 x 3.7 x 2.9 cm


A beautiful specimen with a ball of thomsonite crystals on, and surrounded by, stilbite crystals. For display, I would support this specimen to stand up as in the first photo. If you like the specimen down one can see that the thomsonite ball is actually partially suspended over the matrix below, also crystallized underneath – very cool. Most of the bladed thomsonite crystals are radiating outward from the centre of the ball, and in one area there are also thomsonite crystals lying on the surface of the ball.

In excellent condition – no damage. This specimen is from the small find in 2020. A gorgeous Canadian thomsonite – just super.

(This is thomsonite-Ca.)

Additional information

Dimensions 69 × 50 × 26 cm