Adularia, Byssolite
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Adularia, Byssolite

Specimen # 201183
Mineral: Adularia, Byssolite
Location: Keystone Trap Rock Quarry, Cornog, Wallace Twp., Chester Co., Pennsylvania, USA
Size: 7.2 x 5.3 x 4.5 cm


This piece features twinned K-feldspar crystals (adularia variety), and wonderful delicate green amphibole crystals (byssolite variety). The byssolite crystals stand well up off the matrix. In excellent condition overall, a couple of missing adularia tips. The alpine pocket that produced these specimens was found in the 1960s, just as the quarry closed operations (it is now flooded, overgrown and off-limits to collecting). From the John S. White Pennsylvania Collection – prior to that, it was in the Haefner collection, acquired by John through K. Hilmer.