Important Note About Mineral Localities

This may seem obvious, and sorry if it is, but: it is important to have proper legal rights and/or permissions before visiting or collecting at any mineral locality. It is imperative for you and for everyone, including for the benefit of mineral collecting in the long term, that private property be respected. Trespassing can get you into a lot of trouble with people. In addition, unauthorized access and excavations on private property has led to so many excellent collecting localities being needlessly closed to all collectors forever – land owners get upset. I would too.

The minerals on this website do not imply that any mineral locality may be visited without prior written authorization from the owner or appropriate authorities. Please do not assume that any locality described on this site is open for collecting. Please research for yourself and make all necessary arrangements before attending any property.

This site describes mineral adventures. These adventures were arranged appropriately in advance. The description of any trip or adventure on this website does not imply that it is possible to visit without permission, that it is possible to obtain permission, or even that it is appropriate to ask for permission. In addition, property situations change all the time, so many localities that have been accessible at some times are now not accessible. If you are inspired by any of the adventures described here and want to ask me about any of them, of course just drop me a note!