Mineral Presentations for Clubs and Events

If you are looking for a speaker for your mineral club or event, keep me in mind. In my past career I gave presentations in many places around  the world and I have given many mineral talks over the years. I enjoy speaking about minerals and mineral adventures. I give my mineral presentations at an engaging pace. The presentations prominently feature my photography (minerals, places and other images) and the material is often the result of collaborations with others.

Just a few thoughts if you would like to consider having me as a speaker:

  • Current presentations are described below and others are always in the works – feel free to check back here once in a while to see what has been added.
  • We would need to schedule well in advance (a few months at least) to ensure that I will have your time slot open.
  • If there are travel and accommodations expenses, I would like them covered and we can coordinate about specifics.

If you’d like to talk about me speaking, drop me a note (through Contact Us or by email).

Minerals of Southern-Central Morocco
Raymond McDougall and David K. Joyce

Minerals of Peru
Raymond McDougall and David K. Joyce