New Here?

This website is for you. It is for your own passion if you are already passionate about minerals. If you are newer to minerals, it is to help you, or someone you care about, to explore some more and to hopefully have the chance to enjoy minerals as much as I do.

There are many ways to enjoy minerals: reading and learning, admiring photographs, experiencing the adventure of collecting them yourself out in the field, visiting world localities that have produced famous specimens, networking with other enthusiasts through clubs and talks, and… of course… for most people one of the most important is building a personal collection of minerals.

This website is about all of these things. Excellent mineral specimens are offered for sale for all levels of collectors. Quality is the most important factor in determining whether a mineral specimen will make it onto this site – I go through literally thousands of specimens to bring back the ones that are good enough to be worthy of your collection.

The website has articles about mineral collecting – including a few thoughts many of us in Mineral World wish we had considered sooner than we did (!).

If you are a beginner, or wondering whether you might like to become one, or thinking about encouraging someone to begin learning about minerals and collecting, everything you need is at Beginners. If you’re only thinking vaguely about whether mineral collecting could be something you’d ever do, check out Mineral Collecting: Is It For Me?.

There are also articles relating to building a mineral collection (see Collectors, and particularly Seven Keys to Building a Great Mineral Collection) and hopefully a few of the thoughts will be helpful or interesting for you.

We will have articles about famous mineral regions and adventures, and lots more to come, so please have a look around.

Before you look at the minerals on the  site, please read the short article About Our Photographs. I feel strongly about this because it will help you to know what I have done to render the minerals the best I can through photography. This is the only way to understand exactly what you are looking at when looking at my photographic representation of the minerals on this site.

Why Buy From Us?

We are conscientious professionals. Our careers have been characterized by keen attention to detail, which is obviously of fundamental importance to you when someone is helping to choose the minerals for your collection.

I insist on excellent quality in the mineral specimens offered. I acquire, prepare and price specimens the best I can, based upon over 25 years’ experience in this field. I want you to be happy when you open a package from us!

You can also count on responsiveness – I always have a Blackberry with me so you will never have to wait long to hear back from me (as long as I am near some kind of signal and not beyond civilization…). If you have a question or would like to talk about a specimen on our site, I’d love to hear from you. By far, email is always the best way to reach me (either directly or through Contact Us).

For more specific thoughts and critical questions to ask yourself when buying a specimen from us, please read Guidelines for Buying Our Minerals.

Why Bookmark Us?

There is going to be tons of new content here, including a large number of excellent mineral specimens I will be posting in regular updates. In addition, I will continue to post more non-specimen content regularly – my goal is to give you helpful insights, interesting information and photographs about all sorts of things in Mineral World.

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Please note that we are not fond of being bombed by countless emails ourselves and so we are not about to do that to you! We’ll send out emails so that you know when a new lot of minerals has been posted, and in those emails we will also highlight anything else that is new on the site for you.