Aegirine, Microcline
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Aegirine, Microcline

Specimen # 100811
Mineral: Aegirine, Microcline
Location: Aegirine, Microcline, Mount Malosa, Zomba District, Malawi
Size: 4.5 x 4.1 x 3.3 cm


This is a beautiful arrangement of sharp, lustrous aegirine crystals perched on microcline crystals. in excellent condition – one small incomplete crystal in the group (you have to look for it, because it is incomplete from its base, and it has dull lustre) and one small incomplete one below the cluster. The rest is perfect. Classic crystal forms on these crystals. It sits perfectly for display as photographed – a super-classy piece.

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Additional information

Dimensions 45 × 41 × 33 cm