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Specimen # 101340
Mineral: Alabandite
Location: Merelani Hills, Lelatima Mountains, Manyara, Tanzania
Size: 2.8 x 2.4 x 2.0 cm


This octahedral alabandite crystal is exceptionally sharp and lustrous. It formed together with other minerals including calcite and diopside, and so its growth exhibits a bit of interruption at the sides and the back – this is fully crystallized, and is not damage. There is a small vibrant red wurtzite embedded in the left side of the crystal, near the back. This alabandite is in excellent condition, there is one small chip at the back of the termination (absent which, this crystal would have been exorbitant – but most of the irregularity at that edge is natural, not damage) – in any event it can be angled out of view as displayed. I would note that the small notch in the front edge (in the first photo) is a natural crystallized feature, as are the tiny ones in the right edge and lower left front edge. This is a top calibre alabandite crystal for the find – amazing for the species.