Almandine Garnet
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Almandine Garnet

Specimen # 201208
Mineral: Almandine Garnet
Location: Arundel Quarry, Baltimore Co., Maryland, USA
Size: 4.3 x 4.0 x 3.5 cm


An historic almandine crystal from Baltimore. The labels include Carter Rich, and Orbit Mineral Co. – the latter indicates that it was acquired from Harold Levey of Baltimore, and originally collected by Charles Ostrander in 1939. Curator of the of the Department of Mineralology at The Natural History Society of Maryland and has been recognized as “one the foremost experts on mineral collecting in Maryland in the mid 20th Century – many of the specimens he collected are still available for viewing at The Natural History Society of Maryland.” (Baltimore Mineral Society). This crystal is a good-sized trapezohedron in excellent overall condition – minor chips and some of the growth was impacted by the interaction of the crystal with the enclosing mica. A fine, old Maryland almandine from the Maryland suite of the John S. White Collection.