Analcime, Stilbite
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Analcime, Stilbite

Specimen # 102491
Mineral: Stilbite, Analcime
Location: Five Islands, Cumberland Co., Nova Scotia, Canada
Size: 4.7 x 3.5 x 1.9 cm
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Detailed Description

A beautiful specimen with sharp lustrous analcime crystals together with golden stilbite crystal groups. The base of the specimen is pink gmelinite, so that even though the analcime itself is colourless, some of the analcime crystals appear slightly pink. The stilbite bow tie is super, dotted with analcime crystals. In excellent condition, one missing analcime at lower right (some micro laumontite there as well). This is a great combination of these minerals!

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About These Stilbite-Analcime Specimens from Five Islands

Occasionally over the years, good finds have been made at Five Islands. These have included natrolite, analcime and stilbite, as well as the famous gmelinite-after-chabazite from Pinnacle Island. The specimens from this stilbite-analcime find are beautiful and distinctive, combining the two minerals.

The stilbite crystal groups can vary in hue from one specimen to the next, and it should be noted that the stilbite hues also vary under different sources of lighting – they are richest under halogen lights, less so under cool LED. As with all specimens on the website, the photographs are colour-balanced to daylight.

The vein-pocket zone where these specimens were collected was located in a precarious area, beneath an unstable-looking cliff face. Fortunately it was safe enough to excavate the zone, resulting in these beautiful specimens.