Andradite Garnet
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Andradite Garnet

Specimen # 102016
Mineral: Andradite Garnet
Location: Andradite Garnet, Bendougou, Arrondissement Diako, Cercle de Bafoulabé, Kayes Region, Mali
Size: 4.0 x 2.8 x 1.8 cm


A pair of deep brown andradite crystals are perched on this matrix – the crystals appear black with all but very strong light. The crystals dodecahedral with trapezohedral modifications – they are sharp with good lustre. In very good condition, a couple of chips on the lower crystal, including near the join of the two (it’s in shadow if mounted upright for display as photographed). This is a very nice specimen of the Bendougou material – the crystal modifications are super.

Additional information

Dimensions 18 × 40 × 28 cm