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Specimen # 101398
Mineral: Aragonite
Location: Aragonite, Mamsa, nr. Sidi Ayed, Boulemane Province, Fes-Meknes Region, Morocco
Size: 6.4 x 5.7 x 4.5 cm


Detailed Description

This is a good-sized cluster of sharp, lustrous, translucent to transparent aragonite crystals, with minor dark matrix. You might look at the description, dimensions and price, and wonder why it isn’t more expensive. It was less expensive to acquire than the others because it has a missing crystal patch around the side near the back (as I’d display it). It can be displayed with this out of view, as seen in the first photo. It is otherwise in excellent overall condition with sharp terminations and a couple of missing tips. The specimen stands as in the first photo. As long as you don’t mind knowing that the missing crystal area is around the side near the back, it’s actually an asset that made the specimen a great price! This piece looks great in the case, under the lights.

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About These Mamsa Aragonites

These aragonites are from a completely new locality – Mamsa, north of Sidi Ayed, Morocco. The best from this find rank among aragonites from top historic aragonite localities. The vast majority of Mamsa specimens found to date have been of poor quality, many were contacted across the cavities, and almost all recovered specimens are significantly damaged. Many poor-quality specimens were collected.

The specimens in this Aragonite Update were selected by Tomasz Prazkier, in Morocco – he estimated that he went through four to five hundred flats’ worth of material to bring back around twenty top quality specimens. These specimens are the top ones available from that group of specimens. They are special.

This new find at Mamsa has been written up by Tomasz in a good article with lots of photographs (including some of these specimens). It includes not only the descriptions of the locality and occurrence that you’d expect, but also a candid current assessment about quality and possibilities of future production. To read his article, click¬†here.

Additional information

Dimensions 64 × 57 × 45 cm