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Specimen # 200149
Mineral: Aragonite
Location: Aragonite, Giumentaro Mine, Capodarso, Enna, Sicily, Italy
Size: 9.6 x 7.0 x 5.1 cm


A true Italian classic, this specimen is comprised of intergrown, pseudohexagonal twinned crystals of aragonite. The crystals are sharp and lustrous, with a slightly greenish cream-coloured hue.

Under short-wave ultraviolet light, this specimen exhibits strong orange fluorescence, with internal zoning clearly apparent in the crystals (the zoning is not visible in normal lighting conditions). After UV illumination, the specimen exhibits bright green phosphorescence before fading (fades in seconds, but the phosphorescence is certainly distinct).

In excellent condition, with a couple of minor chips and a couple of incomplete crystals at the periphery. On the backside, a chip on the large doubly-terminated crystal at the top, centre, is not visible as displayed. Stands perfectly as photographed.

The Giumentaro Mine was a famous Sicilian sulphur mine that ceased operations in 1984.

This is a great specimen.

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