Azurite from DR Congo
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Azurite from DR Congo

Specimen # 100549
Mineral: Azurite from DR Congo
Location: Azurite, Kibwi, Katanga, Democratic Republic of Congo
Size: 4.3 x 4.2 x 3.1 cm


Detailed Description

This specimen features a complex group of sub-parallel tabular azurite crystals perched on top of a base of jumbled azurites. Intense blue, with aesthetic, defined crystals with nice overall form. A small amount of malachite in association. In excellent condition – very minor chipping, not distracting as displayed. A beautiful DRC azurite!


About These Azurites

Although the copper deposits of the Democratic Republic of Congo have been famous for a long time, excellent crystallized azurite specimens are uncommon from the DRC (and have often been quite expensive). This lot is from a new find at Kibwi, located approximately 70 km northeast of Lubumbashi on the road to Likasi in Katanga.

Additional information

Dimensions 43 × 42 × 31 cm