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Specimen # 100885
Mineral: Barite
Location: Bou Nahas, Oumjrane, Alnif, Er Rachidia, Morocco
Size: 5.9 x 4.0 x 3.9 cm


Detailed Description

This specimen features sharp, lustrous  golden barite crystals perched at the top of a barite cluster, and accented by green malachite. The central top crystal is particularly beautiful. In excellent condition, a couple of minor nicks. The lower portions of the barite cluster would have originally been attached to other barites sometime in the geological past, and these contacts have recrystallized surfaces. Different, and aesthetic with the splash of green!

About These Bou Nahas Barites

Barite is one of the most common minerals at Bou Nahas. Specimens of barite and associated sulphide minerals (particularly pyrite and chalcopyrite) from Bou Nahas have been reaching the market since about 2011. In 2014, blockier, glassy, lustrous barite crystals made their debut, and since then we have continued to see more specimens of barite and associated sulphides from this locality. High-quality isolated barite crystals and crystal groups remain relatively scarce at this point, as most of this material to date has been damaged either during extraction or during transportation – but the top quality pieces are excellent barite specimens.