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Specimen # 200079
Mineral: Calcite
Location: Calcite, Fozichong Deposit, Cenxi Co, Guangxi, China
Size: 9.7 x 9.7 x 4.2 cm


An impressive cabinet specimen, this is a doubly-terminated calcite crystal with minor associated calcite crystals. The crystals are simple, tabular hexagonal prisms, with complex pinacoid surface textures. The prism faces are highly lustous. This calcite is beautifully fluorescent, highlighting zoning in the crystal. Stands perfectly for display as shown, and is displayable from either side. In excellent condition, one small chip on either side, small relative to the piece This is a superb display specimen of calcite!

(A heavy specimen – if shipping outside of Canada and the US, there will be a bit of extra postage.)

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