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Specimen # 100286
Mineral: Calcite
Location: Tonglushan Mine, Daye Co., Hubei Province, China
Size: 6.7 x 5.7 x 4.0 cm


Nice cluster of sharp calcite crystals from Daye, China. The salmon-coloured core zone of each crystal gives the rest of the colourless crystal zones a nice tint. In excellent condition – no damage at all to the two main crystals. Some cleaved tips on smaller ones – clean and not distracting. The large crystal on the right measures 4.6 cm – it is a good single crystal with no twinning. The large crystal on the left shows twinning – visible in the third photograph – neat to have a featured twinned and untwinned crystal side-by-side on the same specimen like this.

Additional information

Dimensions 72 × 37 × 34 cm