Calcite, Quartz, Fluorapophyllite
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Calcite, Quartz, Fluorapophyllite

Specimen # 201006
Mineral: Calcite, Quartz, Fluorapophyllite
Location: Nashik, Maharashtra, India
Size: 7.8 x 7.2 x 4.2 cm


A striking specimen, this piece is visible across the room Рa textbook rhombohedral calcite crystal stands up over smaller calcite crystals, and all of the calcites themselves are completely enclosed in a blanket of sparkling crystals. On close inspection, the coating of fine crystals includes a myriad of quartz crystals, along with some fluorapophyllite crystals. With magnification, one can see that there are also stilbite crystals and tiny iron-included heulandite crystals. In excellent condition, and might  be a floater but an incomplete outer edge at each side of the lower part of the specimen makes it hard to say whether it was attached.
The main calcite crystal is complete all around, and has very little attachment to the rest.