Celestine, Magnesite
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Celestine, Magnesite

Specimen # 101281
Mineral: Celestine, Magnesite
Location: Celestine and Magnesite, Oberdorf an der Laming, Styria, Austria
Size: 7.2 x 6.0 x 4.3 cm


A remarkable specimen, featuring cream-white rhombohedral magnesite crystals to 6 cm, bejeweled with water-clear, complex celestine crystals. The celestine crystals are glassy, lustrous and transparent, while the the magnesite crystals have a frosty lustre and are translucent. This piece was collected in 1967 and is accompanied by an original label. In excellent condition, minor chipping in a couple of spots on a magnesite, and with a loupe I can find one small incomplete celestine.

This is a beautiful combination of these minerals, and the celestine crystals are exquisite.

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Additional information

Dimensions 72 × 60 × 43 cm