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Specimen # 100649
Mineral: Chabazite
Location: Wasson's Bluff, Cumberland Co., Nova Scotia, Canada
Size: 7.7 x 5.7 x 3.5 cm


This specimen is a crystal cavity, lined with sharp pink chabazite crystals up to 0.9 cm. The colour on this one is quite unusual – it is pink with only the slightest hint of a warmer tone, not orangey or brownish as most chabazites – these pseudo-rhombohedral chabazite crystals could almost be mistaken for light pink rhodochrosites. A closer inspection reveals the distinctive chabazite penetration twinning and some truncated crystal corners that are also common for chabazite. In excellent condition – no damage other than the peipheral edges where it was removed from the rock. From the collection of well-known Nova Scotia collector Terry Collett, collected in 2002. This piece is a beauty.

Additional information

Dimensions 77 × 57 × 35 cm