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Specimen # 102170
Mineral: Clinozoisite
Location: Clinozoisite, Cerro San Cristobal, San Vincente de Cañete, Cañete Province, Lima Dept., Peru
Size: 5.1 x 4.8 x 4.1 cm


Detailed Description

This specimen is different from most in the find, as the clinozoisite crystals are scattered over a matrix with lots of space between them. The crystals are sharp, well-defined and have some good lustre, with some minor frosting as well. two of the most promintent crystals (including the one at the top) are twins. in excellent condition, two tiny missing tips you have to search for under the lights. Stands perfectly for display as photographed. An aesthetic and distinctive clinozoisite from this find.

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About These Clinozoisite Specimens

These clinozoisite specimens were found in 2017. I understand that the workings where they were found are only operational on a sporadic basis. The specific zone from which these specimens were recovered is apparently now done, and they have encountered a bit of epidote as the work has advanced beyond the clinozoisite zone. Excellent display specimens of clinozoisite are generally uncommon – one thinks of the famous finds at Alchuri in the Shigar Valley in Pakistan, and few other localities come to mind. These clinozoisite specimens are different – they are all clustered groups of crystals.

Additional information

Dimensions 41 × 58 × 48 cm