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Specimen # 200121
Mineral: Creedite
Location: Creedite, Navidad Mine, Mun. de Rodeo, Durango, Mexico
Size: 5.0 x 3.8 x 3.7 cm


This is an unusual specimen. The base is a horizontal disc comprised of colourless creedite crystals radiating out from the middle point. Centred on top of this base is a ball of radiating creedite crystals (a later-generation growth). It is creedite on creedite. The crystals of both generations of creedite are sharp and lustrous, translucent to transparent. In excellent condition – searching with magnification I can only find a couple of chipped crystals in the whole ball. I saw a very large number of specimens from the great creedite finds at the Navidad Mine, and this is unique in my experience. Very cool. Too bad this mine collapsed – I love the creedites from this locality.