Dolomite, var. Cobaltoan Dolomite
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Dolomite, var. Cobaltoan Dolomite

Specimen # 100828
Mineral: Dolomite, var. Cobaltoan Dolomite
Location: Dolomite, var. Cobaltoan Dolomite, Katanga, Democratic Republic of the Congo
Size: 7.3 x 4.9 x 2.2 cm


An unusual piece for this find – these bright pink cobaltoan dolomite crystals have slightly different form, lustre and hue. The crystals have simpler forms, with the classic rhomohedral shape evident, and the lustre has a bit of a slivery look – not metallic, rather, a bit reminiscent of the look of heulandite.The colour is a beautiful medium-to-lighter pink, with intensity and brightness. In excellent condition, some incomplete crystals at the periphery where it was attached to surrounding rock. The back of this piece has been trimmed with a saw to reduce the proportion of the matrix. An attractive, colourful specimen.

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Dimensions 73 × 49 × 22 cm