Dolomite, var. Cobaltoan Dolomite
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Dolomite, var. Cobaltoan Dolomite

Specimen # 100830
Mineral: Dolomite, var. Cobaltoan Dolomite
Location: Dolomite, var. Cobaltoan Dolomite, Katanga, Democratic Republic of the Congo
Size: 7.1 x 6.8 x 2.7 cm


This one is sweet, almost like a miniature landscape of hills carpeted in bright pink, with spots of green. The cobaltoan dolomite crystals are lustrous and sparkle brilliantly. They are gorgeous with a bit of magnification with a hand lens, and an intense pink. The associated malachite crystals are a rich green – hard to tell if they are feathery in nature or incomplete, but what they add when looking without magnification is attractive colour contrast. In excellent condition, a couple of minor missing crystals, not distracting. A beautiful, colourful specimen.

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Additional information

Dimensions 71 × 68 × 27 cm