Dolomite, var. Cobaltoan Dolomite
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Dolomite, var. Cobaltoan Dolomite

Specimen # 100825
Mineral: Dolomite, var. Cobaltoan Dolomite
Location: Dolomite, var. Cobaltoan Dolomite, Katanga, Democratic Republic of the Congo
Size: 8.0 x 6.3 x 3.9 cm


The cobaltoan dolomite crystals on this specimen are a shocking, intense pink colour. Accompanied by small dark green crystals of primary malachite, and set against a pale dolomite matrix, this piece has nice contrast. In particular, there is one beautiful cobaltoan dolomite perched on malachite crystals – it’s super with magnification. In excellent condition, with a few incomplete crystals around the periphery. A very pretty piece!

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Additional information

Dimensions 80 × 63 × 39 cm