Dravite Tourmaline
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Dravite Tourmaline

Specimen # 101346
Mineral: Dravite Tourmaline
Location: Dravite Tourmaline, Tanga Region, Tanzania
Size: 7.3 x 1.1 x 0.9 cm


This is the largest of the three – a sharp, singly-terminated dravite crystal. The prism faces are striated and thhe termination faces have a beautiful stepped crystallization pattern visible under magnification. In excellent condition, a couple of tiny chips – displayed with those at the back you don’t see them (one is at the termination edge with the prism faces). This may be the deepest brown, but it sure looks totally black – even under light and with magnification, it took me a while to find a micro glint of brown. This is a beautiful, lustrous Tanzanian dravite.

Additional information

Dimensions 73 × 11 × 9 cm