Epidote, Prehnite
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Epidote, Prehnite

Specimen # 100540
Mineral: Epidote, Prehnite
Location: Epidote, Prehnite, Arrondissement Diako, Cercle de Bafoulabe, Kayes Region, Mali
Size: 6.7 x 4.0 x 3.7 cm


This is a great combination specimen featuring a 5.8 cm doubly-terminated epidote crystal hosting several smaller epidotes and a handful of pale green prehnite balls. There’s a lot going on on this piece – it includes minor chalcedony, and if you look closely there are small chalcedony epimorphs – seems they could be after apophyillite, but hard to be sure. No damage at all, except that by searching you can find a spot that one small additional epidote crystal is missing – this specimen is in amazing condition! Super specimen.



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Dimensions 67 × 40 × 37 cm