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Specimen # 200112
Mineral: Fluorapatite
Location: Fluorapatite, Kunar, Afghanistan
Size: 6.5 x 4.2 x 4.0 cm


This specimen is comprised entirely of a group of intergrown fluorapatite crystals. The cream-grey crystals are sharp and well formed, with lustrous, striated prism faces. Some of the termination faces are sharp and complex, while some are more rounded with clay contacts. One of the larger crystals is open underneath, exhibiting some hollowing (fully crystallized, including inside it). This specimen is intensely fluorescent, with a golden-orange hue under long-wave ultraviolet and bright yellow under medium- and short-wave ultraviolet light. The photo under ultraviolet is a combination of all three wavelengths. Stands perfectly for display as photographed. I’ve never seen another like this one – really neat.