Fluorapophyllite, Stilbite
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Fluorapophyllite, Stilbite

Specimen # 201010
Mineral: Fluorapophyllite, Stilbite
Location: Ahmadnagar District, Maharashtra, India
Size: 4.2 x 3.4 x 3.3 cm


A beautiful spray of fluorapohyllite crystals arranged in a “bow tie” cluster with stilbite. The fluorapophyllite crystals are a nice green, certainly the most sought-after colour, and the stilbite crystals provide nice contrast. This specimen is complete all-around and seems to have formed as a floater – it is very 3-dimensional. In excellent condition with minor tip imperfections, including¬† incomplete stilbites. The green hue of this specimen varies a bit depending on the light source – in some lighting it is a bit more saturated than in these photos (as always, I have balanced the photos to approximate daylight colour). I would display this supported to stand as in the first photo – this is a wonderful display piece!