Fluorite, Calcite
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Fluorite, Calcite

Specimen # 102136
Mineral: Fluorite, Calcite
Location: Fluorite, Xianghuapu Mine, Chenzhou Prefecture, Hunan, China
Size: 5.9 x 4.4 x 4.1 cm


This is a gorgeous display specimen of green fluorite from the great Chinese locality, the Xianghuapu Mine. Of course we have seen lots of specimens from here, but this one just jumps out – the lustrous calcite crystals selectively perched on certain faces and edges of the fluorite crystals make the piece. Some of the calcite crystals have the appearances of strands, outlining the green fluorite cube edges. The fluorite crystals are translucent-to-transparent green cubes, very sharp, with good lustre. The bladed calcite crystals are also very sharp. In excellent condition, one incomplete fluorite crystal at the bottom and one tiny clean cleave on a crystal close to an outer edge – remarkable condition for the size of the piece.

The colour of this fluorite varies considerably depending on the light source. In daylight and under LED lighting, it is a darker and truer green, while under halogen lighting it tends to a warmer and less intense green.

This is a striking cabinet specimen – absolutley beautiful.

Additional information

Dimensions 66 × 127 × 81 cm