Gypsum, var. Selenite
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Gypsum, var. Selenite

Specimen # 101011
Mineral: Gypsum, var. Selenite
Location: Gypsum, var. Selenite, Willow Creek, Nanton, Alberta, Canada
Size: 7.6 x 4.3 x 2.1 cm


Detailed Description

This is a particularly fine twinned selenite – well-defined, colourless with good transparency, a doubly-teminated floater. The centre area has inclusions relating to the clay strata in which this specimen formed. In excellent condition, no damage except a small chipped area on the back, obscured from the front by the inclusions. This is a great piece.

The third photograph is in short-wave ultraviolet light, showing the internal hourglass pattern, not visible in natural light.

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About these Selenites

These selenite specimens were recovered during a project at Willow Creek, near Nanton, Alberta in the early 1990s. The occurrence was in clay, which preserved and protected the crystals from weathering.

Willow Creek selenite crystals are fluorescent under ultraviolet light, exhibiting an “hourglass” pattern that is not visible in normal light – this can be seen in the one photograph. It is clearly visible in short-wave, medium-wave and long-wave ultraviolet, most prominent in short-wave. These crystals are also phosphorescent – the hourglass pattern remains briefly visible in a green hue in total darkness after the ultraviolet light source is extinguished – the selenite crystal then fades and then it too is dark.

These selenites are in excellent condition.

Willow Creek selenites are some of the finest known from Canada. They are super crystals!

[Notes about care: Selenite has a low surface hardness, and care should be taken to protect from scratching. Selenite is also sensitive to repeated or prolonged exposure to water (it will lose lustre), so this should be avoided.]

Additional information

Dimensions 76 × 43 × 21 cm