Gypsum var. Selenite
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Gypsum var. Selenite

Specimen # 100046
Mineral: Gypsum var. Selenite
Location: Red River Floodway, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Size: 7.4 x 5.0 x 4.5 cm


Detailed Description

Beautiful light honey-coloured contact twin of selenite on a ball of selenite crystals from this contemporary classic Canadian locality. The top twin is mostly water-clear transparent with a few cloudy inclusions in spots.

Super aesthetic!

About these Selenites

Just a note if you are not familiar – selenites require care. Selenite is a very soft mineral, and it does not love water (surface lustre will dull over time with exposure to water – not one time, but repeated times in running water or soaking in water). Selenite also dislikes sudden temperature changes. (Definitely no running this specimen under a stream of hot water unless your goal is to see new cleavage planes and frost the lustre…).

Additional information

Dimensions 74 × 50 × 45 cm