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Specimen # 201196
Mineral: Hydroxyapophyllite-(K)
Location: Fairfax Quarry, Centreville, Fairfax Co., Virginia, USA
Size: 11.5 x 7.3 x 3.8 cm
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Detailed Description

This is an unusual hydroxyapophyllite-(K) for the locality. When we think of apophyllite from the Fairfax Quarry, we think of the famous clusters of off-white tabular crystals from the two big 20th century pockets. This is completely different – these are light green blocky crystals with the textbook form that looks almost cuboctahedral. They are well-formed with nice lustre and the piece has a pleasant sparkling appearance – the largest crystal is 1.6 cm. A beautiful apophyllite from the Virginia suite of the John S. White Collection. John acquired it from his good friend Skip Colflesh, who had acquired it from the collection of Erston Barnhart.

About John S. White

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About Fairfax Apophyllites

An American classic, Fairfax hydroxyapophyllite specimens are now highly sought-after. Apophyllites from Fairfax are the best from anywhere in the US, and they are among the finest hydroxyapophyllite-(K) crystals known from anywhere in the world. The two main pockets were found in 1953 and 1967.