Magnetite, Clinochlore
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Magnetite, Clinochlore

Specimen # 100362
Mineral: Magnetite, Clinochlore
Location: Marki Khel, Spin Ghar Range, Khogyani District, Nangharhar, Afghanistan
Size: 8.2 x 5.3 x 4.0 cm


Magnetite is one of those common minerals that is more often mundane in appearance than not – but these magnetite crystals from the Spin Ghar Range are brilliant, with beautiful growth patterns. Associated with clinochlore and epidote crystals, there is lots to look at on this piece, particularly with a loupe. Andradite garnet crystals are also present. Some rubs here and there, but very minor and mostly not noticeable without magnification. The largest magnetite measures 1 cm. The clinochlore crystals on this piece are really great under magnification. Cool specimen.


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Dimensions 82 × 53 × 40 cm