Magnetite, Epidote
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Magnetite, Epidote

Specimen # 100619
Mineral: Magnetite, Epidote
Location: Magnetite, Epidote, Dashkesan Deposit, Maly Caucasus, Koshkarchai Valley, Azerbaijan
Size: 8.0 x 5.8 x 3.4 cm


Detailed Description

This specimen features brilliant sharp metallic magnetite crystals to 1.3 cm, with sprays of diverging green epidote crystals perched all over them. The lustre on the magnetites is top – particularly the octahedral faces are like little triangular mirrors. The epidote  fans on this one are the nicest of any in this lot, and make this a beautiful combination piece. In excellent condition – some damage/contacts around the peripheral edges where this was removed from the rock, and on the whole piece I can only find one small nicked magnetite corner on a smaller magnetite. This is a super display specimen.

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About These Magnetites

The finest quality magnetite crystals from the famous iron deposits at Dashkesan are among the nicest magnetite specimens from anywhere. These magnetite crystals are particularly special because they feature predominantly the dodecahedron, modified by triangular octahedral faces – they are different from more typical octahedral magnetite crystals.

Additional information

Dimensions 80 × 58 × 34 cm