Magnetite, Epidote
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Magnetite, Epidote

Specimen # 100622
Mineral: Magnetite, Epidote
Location: Magnetite, Epidote, Dashkesan Deposit, Maly Caucasus, Koshkarchai Valley, Azerbaijan
Size: 7.0 x 5.6 x 3.3 cm


Detailed Description

This one is quite distinctive among these for the separation of the magnetite crystals on the matrix – they stand apart really nicely. It is unusual to have a specimen with the nice epidote sprays and also this separation. The magnetite crystals (up to 1.5 cm) are sharp, with top lustre and mirror-like triangular (octahedral) faces. In excellent condition – no damage to the magnetites and a few minor incomplete epidotes.

I note that the magnetites from this find sometimes have either hollows, growth hillocks, or both at certain dodecahedral corners, and that habit is what you are seeing on the large magnetite at the top. There is an interesting etched magnetite crystal remnant at lower right on the piece. The back has been cut with a saw to reduce the size of the matrix – from the front display angle, this is not visible at all. Stands perfectly as photographed.

This is a beautiful display specimen of dodecahedral magnetite!

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About These Magnetites

The finest quality magnetite crystals from the famous iron deposits at Dashkesan are among the nicest magnetite specimens from anywhere. These magnetite crystals are particularly special because they feature predominantly the dodecahedron, modified by triangular octahedral faces – they are different from more typical octahedral magnetite crystals.

Additional information

Dimensions 70 × 56 × 33 cm