Magnetite, Epidote
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Magnetite, Epidote

Specimen # 100625
Mineral: Magnetite, Epidote
Location: Dashkesan Deposit, Maly Caucasus, Koshkarchai Valley, Azerbaijan
Size: 8.2 x 5.5 x 4.9 cm


Detailed Description

Many brilliant magnetite crystals on this specimen! Sharp, lustrous, with lots of mirror-bright trianular (octahedral) faces. (In fact, this specimen includes some crystals with predominant octahedral facies, and others with predominant dodecahedral faces.) Excellent 3-D fans of epidote crystals in association, and some quartz crystals too. In excellent condition – no damage to the magnetites on the front of the piece, some minor missing epiodte tips. Nice piece!


About These Magnetites

The finest quality magnetite crystals from the famous iron deposits at Dashkesan are among the nicest magnetite specimens from anywhere. These magnetite crystals are particularly special because they feature predominantly the dodecahedron, modified by triangular octahedral faces – they are different from more typical octahedral magnetite crystals.

Additional information

Dimensions 82 × 55 × 49 cm