Magnetite, Epidote
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Magnetite, Epidote

Specimen # 100626
Mineral: Magnetite, Epidote
Location: Magnetite, Epidote, Dashkesan Deposit, Maly Caucasus, Koshkarchai Valley, Azerbaijan
Size: 6.8 x 6.5 x 2.5 cm


Detailed Description

This tall standing plate is covered with lustrous dodecahedral magnetite crystals up to 1.2 cm. The magnetites are sharp and the crystals have mirror-bright triangular (octahedral) faces. Green epidote crystals and a small crean-coloured chlorapatite crystal accompany the magnetite. In very good condition, some minor chipping in spots. The back of the piece has been cut with a saw to reduce the matrix – this is not visible as displayed. Stands perfectly as photographed in the first photo. Looks great under the display lights.


About These Magnetites

The finest quality magnetite crystals from the famous iron deposits at Dashkesan are among the nicest magnetite specimens from anywhere. These magnetite crystals are particularly special because they feature predominantly the dodecahedron, modified by triangular octahedral faces – they are different from more typical octahedral magnetite crystals.

Additional information

Dimensions 68 × 65 × 25 cm