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Specimen # 100623
Mineral: Magnetite
Location: Dashkesan Deposit, Maly Caucasus, Koshkarchai Valley, Azerbaijan


Detailed Description

This specimen is a small tower of magnetite crystals, adorned with little epidote crystal fans and a couple of clear, sparkling quartz crystals. The magnetite crystals (up to 1.2 cm) are of the top quality, sharpness and lustre, with brilliant mirror-like triangular octahedral faces. In excellent condition – no damage (just the contact at the base where it was attached, and a bit around the back, not visible unless examinging form the back). Some magnetites from this find have growth hillocks, at certain dodecahedral corners, and that habit is evident on this piece with tne aid of magnification.

This is one awesome miniature!


About These Magnetites

The finest quality magnetite crystals from the famous iron deposits at Dashkesan are among the nicest magnetite specimens from anywhere. These magnetite crystals are particularly special because they feature predominantly the dodecahedron, modified by triangular octahedral faces – they are different from more typical octahedral magnetite crystals.

Additional information

Dimensions 43 × 36 × 22 cm