Natrolite, Analcime, Heulandite
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Natrolite, Analcime, Heulandite

Specimen # 101134
Mineral: Natrolite, Analcime, Heulandite
Location: Natrolite, Analcime, Wasson's Bluff, Cumberland Co., Nova Scotia
Size: 5.6 x 4.3 x 2.1 cm


This specimen features the classic combination of natrolite and analcime from Wasson’s Bluff, with cream-coloured pearly heulandite crystals sprinkled over them. The analcime crystals are sharp and are up to 1.2 cm, and the natrolite crytals form groups of radiating sharp crystals at the base. of the specimen (as I would display it). In good condition, some missing natrolite tips.  A pretty piece.

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Dimensions 56 × 43 × 21 cm