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Specimen # 102259
Mineral: Quartz
Location: Quartz, Tinejdad, Er Rachidia Province, Morocco
Size: 7.9 x 3.2 x 2.7 cm


Detailed Description

A great doubly-terminated floater, sharp with good lustre. Glassy lustre on the pyramidal faces, and beautiful texture down the widest prism face. In excellent condition, no damage, a small attachment spot/contact beside the bottom termination. Gorgeous when backlit – an opaque coating on the backside only allows light through in certain places. Really super Tinejdad quartz.

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About These Tinejdad Red Quartz Crystals

The quartz crystals from the Tinejdad area contain red colouring, red zones, or distinct red phantoms, due to included iron. Ferruginous quartz specimens were first produced from the locality around 2014. A large number of specimens came out soon after, and almost all were damaged. Collecting care improved somewhat, and the quality improved slightly, as the production of specimens decreased, although it has remained a real challenge to find high-quality specimens.  I’ve done my best to render the colour as in daylight – under halogen, they are a rich warm colour, and under LED, the hue is not as warm and red.