Quartz, var. chalcedony
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Quartz, var. chalcedony

Specimen # 201144
Mineral: Quartz, var. Chalcedony
Location: Paraiba, Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil
Size: 19.0 x 1.3 x 1.2 cm


A one-of-a-kind specimen from the John S. White quartz collection. This is an elegant, curved and twisted stalactite-like chalcedony, from the Paraiba district. It is a tall specimen and graced John’s main quartz display case. In excellent condition, there is one small missing side tip low on the piece, and there are two repairs to a second side-tip. The measurement given indicates the size of the actual chalcedony, but in one direction the specimen’s width is about 2.5 cm, due to the curvature and twist in its overall form.  A unique, dramatic display specimen.

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