Quartz, Anatase, Brookite
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Quartz, Anatase, Brookite

Specimen # 101290
Mineral: Quartz, Anatase, Brookite
Location: Anatase, Brookite, Quartz, Dodo Mine, Saranpaul, Tyumenskaya Oblast, Ural Mountains, Russia
Size: 5.4 x 4.2 x 3.1 cm


This group of quartz crystals hosts brilliant lustrous bipyramidal anatase crystals and sparkling light brown brookite. The anatase crystals, up to 0.3 cm, are sharp and bright, with some nice modification faces. The brookites are paper-thin and so only a few are in the form of complete crystals, although the very fine 0.7 cm crystal at top centre is complete, as are some others. Some of the anatase crystals are partially or entirely included within the quartz crystals. The quartz crystals themselves are sharp and lustrous, and many are doubly-terminated. The quartzes have minor chipping in a couple of places, and the termination of the smaller one at upper right has one pyramid face fractured away (this faces out to the right side, so isn’t obvious as displayed). This specimen is crystallized all-around and seems to have formed as a floater. These quartz crystal specimens with anatase from Dodo (a remote northern mine) came out in the late-1980s and early-1990s, and are uncommon.

Great with the sparkling anatase crystals in an unusual combination – this is a cool specimen.

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Additional information

Dimensions 104 × 82 × 44 cm