Quartz, Epididymite
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Quartz, Epididymite

Specimen # 101943
Mineral: Quartz, Epididymite
Location: Quartz, var. Smoky Quartz, Epididymite, Mount Malosa, Zomba District, Malawi
Size: 4.9 x 4.5 x 1.7 cm


This is an attractive pair of lustrous, doubly-terminated smoky quartz crystals. What makes this specimen special, however, are the slender, needle-like crystals of epididymite included in the upper crystal.

I beleive that two other included crystals are eudidymite (they certainly look like it to me, although they have not been confirmed by any testing). They are visible in the second photograph – they are very thin, platy, white crystals with a diamond-shaped outline.

In excellent condition, no damage to the eye, uder magnification, minor rubs visible in a couple of places. The tip of the upper crystal is not damaged, it is a tiny contact.

A very interesting quartz specimen, with these inclusions.

Additional information

Dimensions 17 × 49 × 45 cm