Quartz (Epimorph)
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Quartz (Epimorph)

Specimen # 201020
Mineral: Quartz (Epimorph)
Location: Sidi Rahal, El Kelaa Des Sraghna, Morocco
Size: 9.1 x 5.6. x 3.3 cm


This is a quartz epimorph – a fully-crystallized quartz mold that grew over fluorite or anhydrite, which subsequently dissolved. Every surface of this piece is crystallized with quartz crystal faces, including the thin edges, so whatever process caused this to detach from its original growth position, it happened before the crystallization was complete. In excellent condition. This specimen from the John White collection is a figured specimen, photographed in Rocks & Minerals vol 89, p. 466, figures 6a and 6b.