Quartz, Fluorapatite inclusions
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Quartz, Fluorapatite inclusions

Specimen # 201093
Mineral: Quartz
Location: Parelhas, Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil
Size: 7.7 x 3.4 x 2.7 cm


This specimen jumps to life with a little magnification, and also under ultraviolet light. It is a wedge of a quartz crystal, cut and polished on the sides and underneath, with natural faces on top. Inside the crystal are sharp fluorapatite crystals. They are zoned, and in daylight they include colourless and blue zones. Under short-wave UV light, they are yellow-orange. Cookeite is also included in this quartz (x-ray identification by Peter B. Leavens). The piece is a figured specimen, in Lapidary Journal, (June, 1997) 51:3, p.12 and is accompanied by John White collection labels from two eras.