Quartz, Helvine Inclusions
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Quartz, Helvine Inclusions

Specimen # 201059
Mineral: Quartz, Helvine Inclusions
Location: Yaogangxian Mine, Yizhang Co., Chenzhou Prefecture, Hunan Province, China
Size: 8.4 x 4.3 x 3.2 cm


A very unusual specimen, from a small, one-time find – this quartz crystal contains inclusions of small, sharp, lemon-yellow tetrahedral helvine crystals. The helvine crystals are almost all under one face, which has been polished so they can be seen properly. The quartz crystal is in good condition overall with some chipping along an edge, but this piece is all about the helvine. A very cool inclusions specimen from the John S. White quartz collection.