Quartz (Phantoms, Inclusions), Epidote
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Quartz (Phantoms, Inclusions), Epidote

Specimen # 201041
Mineral: Quartz (Phantoms, Inclusions)
Location: Hongquizhen Quarry, Meigu Co., Liangshan Yi, Sichuan, China
Size: 6.7 x 4.0 x 3.5 cm


The quartz crystals comprising this specimen host bright red phantoms and beautiful micro plumes of bundled epidote crystals. There is also a cluster of brilliant epidote crystals perched on the quartz at one end. In excellent condition. Photographed by Jeff Scovil in the days of slide photography, the slide is included with the specimen. This is a figured specimen, published in Lapidary Journal, v. 59, Jan. 2006, p. 31. Great inclusions and a colourful piece from the John S. White quartz collection.