Quartz, Molybdenite inclusions
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Quartz, Molybdenite inclusions

Specimen # 201128
Mineral: Quartz, Molybdenite inclusions
Location: Confianza Mine, Tilama, Coquimbo, Chile
Size: 5.0 x 3.8 x 2.7 cm


The terminal faces of this quartz crystal are polished to make it easy to see the intricate included molybdenite crystals. This piece is very interesting under magnification – there is a perfect hexagonal plate and a hexagonal rosette, typical of molybdenite, but there are also many crystals that appear trigonal. I don’t know if these have been studied, but they strike me as possibly the rare polytype molybdenite-3R (most molybdenite is molybdenite 2H). In any event, very cool with a loupe! This is from a one-time find in 2004. From the John White quartz collection, he acquired it from Terry Szenics.