Quartz (Sceptre, Beta)
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Quartz (Sceptre, Beta)

Specimen # 100703
Mineral: Quartz (Sceptre, Beta)
Location: Nikolaevskiy Mine, Dal'negorsk, Primorskiy Kray, Russia
Size: 4.5 x 2.8 x 2.4 cm


Detailed Description

This is a beautiful sceptered quartz crystal. The slender core crystal is overgrown by  second generation crystals, forming the sceptre. The second generation crystals are sharp, bright and glassy. In excellent  condition, with no damage other than at the back of the piece. This is a highly aesthetic and distinctive sceptre.

About these Quartz Crystals

The quartz specimens from this find at the Nikolaevskiy Mine in 2013 are highly distinctive – they are comprised of two contrasting generations of quartz crystals. A long, slender prismatic crystal habit forms the core, and the second generation, growing over the first, is what makes these pieces special. The second generation is a growth of quartz crystals that formed at relatively high temperatures, often referred to as “beta quartz.”  Beta quartz crystals are known for their crystal shape – short, with no prism faces, they are hexagonal dipyramids.

Additional information

Dimensions 38 × 67 × 60 cm